Saturday, July 15th 2023 || 10 am - 2 pm (Palo Alto)

Samstag, 15.7..2023 || 19 - 22 Uhr (Heidelberg)


IT & ART - international Coding

Programming digital ART - Metropolink Festival

As part of the twinning between Palo Alto and Heidelberg, young people from both cities will have the opportunity to create artworks using the programming language Snap!
The Heidelberg students will meet on site at the Zukunftslabor MINT (Palo Alto Platz 2), where they will be supervised by experienced tutors.
The participants from the partner city Palo Alto will be connected via video. Together we will introduce the basics of the programming environment Snap! Afterwards, the participants can create their own art and the most creative results will be shown at the Metropolink Festival from 27 July. (

This offer is free of charge and no previous knowledge is required!